aims and tasks


  • Research the life and work of Hans Jonas together with the Jonas Center at the FU Berlin, make it fruitful for the teaching and advance the complete edition.
  • In critical engagement with the Jonas ethics concept, apply the ethics of responsibility to current problems, especially with regard to questions in a pedagogical ethics (especially: rehabilitation pedagogy and school education), as well as bioethics (especially ethics in the life sciences and ecology Ethics).
  •  The conception of ethics as a method, which points out a third way between ethics of principles and casuistry and in particular for ethics counseling (persons, institutional institutions etc) should be made fruitful especially in the fields mentioned above.
  •  Based on the Jonas ethics and using the means of ethics as a method to develop a concept for mediation / philosophical mediation in the context of responsibility.
  • Questions of aging (gerontology) are of great ethical interest, individual and social, and should be critically examined in the context of the concept of responsibility with regard to an ethics of aging.


  • Information events on Hans Jonas
  • Scientific forum on questions of responsibility in institutes (schools, universities, sciences, especially: life sciences, ecology, rehabilitation sciences)
  • Ethics advice under the special perspective accountability
  • Training of ethics consultants (development of a curriculum)
  • Organization of guest lectures (national & international)
  • Publication of a series “Hans Jonas” (Logos-Verlag Berlin)
  • Publication support for young researchers and colleagues in the series Ethics and Education in Dialogue (Editor: Holger Burckhart, LIT-Verlag)